Mike Rae

Mike is a highly knowledgeable dog trainer and Temple University alumni. Mike strives to make every class interesting, fun, and educational. He possesses a unique combination that includes a concrete understanding of human, as well as canine, behavior and psychology. He is a firm believer in gentle but non-permissive methods to create desired behaviors. The basis for Mike’s training focuses primarily on positive reinforcement. He is an active member of the Whitemarsh Township community, and works consistently to partner with other local small business owners.

Mike continues to expand his knowledge by attending workshops, subscribing to industry publications, and reading books by other training and behavior experts in the field. He is regarded for tailoring training techniques to the individual dog and owner to produce positive outcomes for the entire family.

Behavioral and temperament problems can make life unpleasant for a dog owner. Untrained, uneducated, and unsocialized pets often have shorter life expectancies.

Promoting good behavior and temperament is in everyone’s best interest. A good-natured pet can live a longer, more enjoyable life. Thorough, consistent behavioral training can strengthen the owner’s relationship with their pet, and change everyone’s life for the better!

A positive behavioral program can quickly develop into a positive feedback loop and delighted owners will happily extol the virtues of their pets. We’d like to invite you, or a member of your family, to watch one of our classes. Please feel free to give us a call with any questions, or to get more information on our walking and boarding services.

Thank you!
Mike Rae