Cage-Free Day Care

puppies-662816_960_720We at Camp DT don’t like cages, so we let the dogs have a large area to play in. When the weather is nice they can play outside, if it is not so nice they have a large indoor area to romp around in. This allows the dogs to play with each other and have fun all day long. When they get tired they can go into a nice nap area where they will not be bothered, so they will always be comfortable and will feel right at home.

Camp DT is outfitted to ensure that your dog has minimal disturbance to his or her lifestyle while away from home.

We pride ourselves in providing personal care and concern for every camper like for our smaller and older campers.

All dogs enjoy coming to Camp DT — a day care specially designed for dogs, so Email or call to enroll.

Daily rates start at $30

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