Group Classes

Dogs love to learn with their friends!

Group classes are designed to help socialize and train puppies and adult dogs, but don’t worry your dog will only be in a class with dogs similar in size.

Group classes are 4 weeks once a week and last for 1 hour. All classes are outdoors.

What we cover in our 4 week Group Class:

  • Walking nicely on a leash (Heel)
  • Sit
  • Wait
  • Down
  • Come when called

With all the distractions we can also work on specialized commands such as sitting when someone approaches, and staying calm when another dog passes! Four to six dog’s per class is a guarantee that every dog gets the attention it needs and you want.

Group classes are $150.00 each, and last for 4 weeks.

Puppy group class is only offered for puppies over 12 weeks old and need to be current on all shots.

Check out our Events Calendar to see when the next group class is enrolling.  Start your puppy off on the right paw, call or Email us today.


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